The Flea Market

Do you have some "furry-centric" wares you would like to sell or do you have an event you would like to promote? Sign up for our flea market!

The Flea Market ticket includes ($60)

  • Basic Badge Access
  • 6'x3' Table
  • Two (2) Chairs
  • Permission to perform sales at the event

Register Here

Rules for Sales (Updates for 2020 Pending):

  1. Tables are first come/first serve once registration is open. After the table is applied for, an email will be sent to the applicant if they are approved. If all spots are filled, applicant will be placed onto a waitlist in order of the application date/time. If a spot become available, the applicant will be notified of approval, and the full application may be completed with the link provided within the email.
  2. It is the responsibility of the applicant to perform all tax liabilities. We are treating sales at the event like a flea market/yard sell.
  3. At event spots may be available if all tables are not claimed before the event, if a registered vendor fails to show up by 2pm, or if a vendor decides to end sales early. The cost will be the difference of the Flea Market badge price and the Basic Badge price ($20 due upon acceptance).
  4. All Flea Market vendors must arrive/ check in by 2pm or else they forfeit the rights to the table and the table will be assigned to the next applied vendor.
  5. Any mature artwork must be censored within a notebook/binder that is labeled mature/18+. Anyone with a "Lil' Raphie" badge may be under 18 years of age (These are given to those who are under the age of 21). ID must be checked if mature artwork is sold to anyone with the minor badge.
  6. All items /trash must be cleared from the rented table by 10pm.
  7. Vendors are allowed to share tables with other artists. Additional artists will have to pay a separate attendance badge fee ( just the badge, not the additional rental fee), and must follow the same rules presented by Fur-B-Que. Primary vendor must notify the Fur-B-Que registration staff if an additional artist is added to the table to obtain the proper ribbon.
  8. Although a wide range of materials/messages may be sold at Fur-B-Que, we are actively discouraging the sales/passing out of any material that may spread a message of hatred or discrimination. If an item is deemed as so, it is up to the Fur-B-Que staff if the item is to be sold. If you have any questions on this, please see the Fur-B-Que staff.
  9. Sales of any item that require a special license (such as adult beverages), explosives of any type, weapons, or any items that are illegal in MD are strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from the event, and possible future bans.
  10. Fur-B-Que is not responsible for any possible damages caused to any personal items at the event.
  11. Fur-B-Que reserves the right to deny a vendor/artist their table at the discretion of the senior staff. Refusal to remove requested item may result in the revoking of the vendor's table, badge, or result in a complete ban from all Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association events.

Suggestions for Approved Vendors:

  1. Feel free to bring your own tent to cover your goods. It can get hot/ have protection from possible precipitation.
  2. Bring a battery operated area light. We do not provide flood lighting for the Flea Market area.
  3. A battery for charging items is highly suggested as well.
  4. Tables can be arranged in any format/ extra tables brought in as long as it does not cause a safety hazard or interfere with other vendors. Tables will be approximately 10 feet away from each other on either side of the table.